Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Getting away

Peace at last.

No, not in the middle east. Just for me, in my head.
I'm in Prague right now, visiting my dad. 2 weeks with no helicopters over my house, no news on tv (well, Czech news doesn't count, it's about silly things like economy and weather), no news papers... Peace.

Only every morning I surf to about 3 or 4 news websites with my morning coffee as well as when I get back to the apartment in the evening.

And yet, I feel peaceful.
I feel almost guilty for feeling so calm. I start thinking I should do more when I get back home. But then again, I always think that.

There's no getting away from it, not really. If it's not around me on tv and in what people talk about and in the papers, it's still in my head. Somewhere on my mind.

And yet, for quite a few hours every day, peace.

Maybe someone should raise money to send refugees on vacation in Prague...

Or perhaps just stop tearing down their homes.

Whichever way is fine.