Tuesday, June 22, 2004


I naturally often come across the issue of disengagement (oh no, we can't call it withdrawal, that'd hurt our ego), and I must say I am not completely 100% set in my opinion on it.

I know it's not at all the best solution. Far from it.
It perpetuates our (Israelis) sense of superiority over the Palestinian people. In this plan, this idea, we don't treat them as an equal counter-part. We actually don't really view them as a side to this at all. We pull out settlements, we seal all entries and exits, we throw some Egyptians and such in there, and we don't negotiate or talk to anyone. Oh, we do talk to W. Bush. Well, I'm not even gonna go into that one.

So on the one hand we pull out of Gaza, we take out settlements. That's all good.

But we do everything on our own. We take complete control over this. We shift blame and take control.

Gaza will be locked down and sealed shut. Can that be good? Can Gaza be rebuilt? Will the people get a chance to recover?

It's far from perfect. It's even far from acceptable.

I don't believe that's the best we can do.

But to come back to reality, that is the best we have now. And it might just create a small opening. And maybe we'll all take advantage of that and manage to get the process into place.

This plan doesn't evoke feelings of hope and anticipation to what's to come. But with no choice at the moment, I'd say yes.


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