Monday, June 28, 2004


Ok, I've gotten some response to a post I've put up here (the angry lefty one).

And, even though I didn't wanna do this, I feel like I should set the record straight. Hoping this isn't going to sound like I'm taking anything back or apologizing for my views. Just seems I haven't been entirely clear in saying what I mean.

Just as anything else, my political views are complex, largely emotionally motivated, and not at all static.
In that post I've presented one side of that big mess.

That is not to say I'm not aware of the fact that any real change would require shit loads of moderate left.

I just get rather tired of bending over backwards to sound moderate and express realistic suggestions.

Yes, when you're negotiating a peace agreement or running in elections, you need to be realistic. But I really don't see what's the problem with just saying what's on my mind.

I do sometimes feel guilty for living here. I do hurt when we build walls and tear down homes and shoot at people. I also have plenty of sympathy for settlers who had good intentions and now have to watch their dream burst. Just as I feel for innocent people who've been hurt in terror acts, of any nationality.
I don't see how those things should contradict.

I don't see why it's wrong if I'm a modern liberal Zionist who supports the Palestinian people.


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