Thursday, July 08, 2004


Lately the news media is quite focused on the extreme right in Israel.
As in the days of Rabin and Oslo, when it seemed as though the right wing agenda was not being implemented, the extreme right is getting militant.

Certain political, religious and ideological leaders are voicing opinions that, to anyone outside the extreme right, sound incredible.

And so Ariel Sharon is under more protection than ever.

It all seems so ironic, since Sharon was then (in 95) one of the right wing leaders who didn't object to Rabin being called a traitor, a nazi, a killer.

But when you think of it, they do come from the same sphere. Generals turned politicians. That is not to say that Sharon's becoming a dove, he is after all still a hawk who's possibly realized finally that we can not stay in Gaza and the West Bank. But then Rabin wasn't exactly a dove either, though we all would like to remember him as such.

Though I disagree with sharon on practically everything, it seems that if he weren't around, it'd be Netanyahu. And Netanyahu, to me, seems far worse.

I never thought a day would come when I wouldn't object to Sharon in every possible way.

I can somehow avoid feeling icky about that by just thinking and hoping that by the 2006 elections, there will actually be someone on the left who is able of being elected.

(Nope, still feel the urge to whole heartedly objecting to Sharon.
Oh well, maybe if I just think "at least not Netanyahu")