Friday, October 29, 2004

History taking place.

So, I haven't posted anything for quite a while. There have been many things I wanted to say but unfortunately my computer was quite dead for a couple of months or so. But now I am back and ready to type, so here goes.

A couple of days ago the Israeli parliament (the Knesset) voted on Sharon's disengagement plan. The plan was accepted by the Knesset.
Which means that a majority of Members of Knesset agree that all Jewish settlements in the Gaza strip and some of the settlements in the West Bank should and will be dismantled and the settlers evacuated.

All the newspapers, the TV news, the radio talk people all at one point or another said this was a historic day. The more dramatically prone ones were talking about the knesset finally, after 37 years, recognizing the fact that we are an occupying force and declaring the beginning of the end of the occupation.
I tried to be cynical about it, keeping in mind Sharon"s history as a cruel hawk and the fact that many things can happen between now and the summer of 2005 when the plan is supposed to be executed, but alas, I was another victim of media hype. I was moved for a few seconds there. I felt history taking place and was even a little excited.
I am ashamed to say this but I even had some positive feelings towards Ariel Sharon.

Now, I've talked about my views on the disengagement plan. But I really don't remember what I've said and I feel I should say it again.
I do not think it is a good plan. Naturally, I believe in a peace process, with peace talks and agreements and things of that sort. But, since this plan is taking shape and it means Israel actually evacuating Jewish settlements...
Now I don't think people abroad quite understand what this means, the settlers and their supporters are a very powerful and influential political bunch. Very religiously zealous and ideologically zealous as well. And many people support them, or at least don't wanna seem against them. That is not to mention the little group of them that is very violent.
So, it's a huge step to evacuate them and at this point I don't care if it's Sharon who gets the credit. And perhaps, hopefully, once they're evacuated, it will make it easier for more a more moderate Israeli leadership hold talks with a Palestinian leadership.

Another thing that is all over the news is the incredible amount of violent right wing persons and organizations speaking out very violently against Ariel Sharon and other members of the government, which makes everyone think back to the time before Rabin was murdered, and think it looks just the same.

But I'm thinking, there's just so much media talk about this stuff and incredible security measures taken places that nothing can actually happen. I mean, it's gotten really ridiculous, the amount of media attention any little nut who calls himself a rabbi gets the minute he says anything about doing something to Sharon.

But today the biggest thing on the news is naturally Arafat's health. Which is rather funny, that the minute they started talking about Arafat not feeling well and needing immediate medical attention, Israeli media was already talking about all the arrangements that are being made in case he dies. If you watched the news here a bit and didn't know any better, you'd think he's dead. Naturally noone's really sad about it, but I felt rather uneasy when they showed him all weak and weary and ill. It was a bit like watching Saddam Hussein after the US army got him out of that hole. You never liked the man, but you feel uneasy seeing someone so powerful suddenly so powerless.